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Crisis-resistant, inflation-proof: Physical gold savings with aurexo

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The Secure Foundation for Your Future

Gold has been the most stable form of currency for centuries. The precious metal is recession-proof and resilient even during economic crises. It was the Second Caliph Umar Ibn Al Khattab who introduced gold dinars as a means of payment during his reign throughout the Islamic world. It has been authentically confirmed that the weight of 7 dinars should correspond to that of 10 dirhams. Our LBMA certified aurexo Gold Dinar Bar is based on this model and it is made of the purest 24K gold (999.).

This is how it works

Amount and term

You set an amount that you want to invest on a monthly basis.


Gold purchase

You receive approximately 23% more gold from us for a monthly saving such as £100 than compared to well-known gold merchants.


We store your gold in a high-security vault in the UK.


End of contract

At the end of the contract period you can have your gold assets paid out. Upon request, we can also deliver them to your home.

The Benefits

  • Saving in a Halal manner: Follows strictly Islamic principals and rules
  • Starting from a monthly gold savings amount of £50 or a one-off payment from £1,000
  • £1 Storage fee
  • Fixed gold prices no matter if you buy/ sell 1g or 1kg gold
  • LBMA-certified gold bars
  • Safe storage in high-security vault systems at our partner company
  • Smartphone-App and online access with transaction options
  • No jewellery costs for labour
  • No withholding tax 
  • Have your Gold delivered directly to your door

    An Alternative to

    • Savings account
    • Deposit accounts
    • Building savings contract
    • Life insurance
    • Pension schemes
    • Bank saving products

    View your Rates at Any Time All in One Place

    Online access to your gold account through our App

    With your aurexo Gold Dinar Savings Plan, you can view your gold account at any time via smartphone or web browser. View in-app detailed information about your gold account and make purchase and sales orders all in one place transparently and conveniently.


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