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I can also buy gold myself. Why should I set up a savings plan?

Yes, you could. But as a single buyer, you will have to pay higher prices on the market every time you purchase, and you'll also have to undertake the responsibility of your own safekeeping and storage. In addition, you will only have the choice of predetermined sizes of gold bars and you would not benefit from the "cost-averaging effect". Even when selling on the market, you would have to find a buyer yourself who would only purchase your gold at lower prices.

We offer full integrated gold service: We buy your LBMA-certified gold with Islamic motifs under outstanding conditions and store your gold fortune in high-security vaults with our renowned vault partner or we sell it quickly and reliably on your behalf. On request, we can even deliver your gold directly to your home. As a reference for all customers, we can credit your gold to your savings account precisely up to 4 decimal places after the decimal point. This means that you simply set your savings amount and thereby benefit from the "cost-averaging effect".

In addition, you can use the aurexo Gold Dinar App, which allows you to make quick and flexible partial payments as well as purchases and sales. Your wealth of gold is readily available wherever you are, on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, enjoy personal aurexo support and customised service.

Your key benefits at a glance:

  • Direct, physical investment in gold
  • Convenient and cheap storage
  • Strictly certified to Islamic principles and rulings
  • Innovative online customer login
  • Available as iOS and Android App
  • Alternative to conventional savings and pension schemes
  • Cost-Average-Effekt
  • No withholding tax

How safe is my investment and who owns the gold?

aurexo Limited is subject to corporate controls in the United Kingdom and your gold assets are legally and financially separated from the assets of aurexo Limited. This means that even in the event of our company's insolvency, your contribution is exempted and protected from the insolvency estate. Furthermore, your gold assets are kept in a high-security vault and insured 100% of the daily value by our renowned vault partner. Additionally aurexo uses INAIA GmbH in Germany to undertake both its company and metal audits to ensure security of our client gold holdings. INAIA is is an official and recognized member of AAOIFI and certified as a "Certified Sharia Advisor and Auditor" (CSAA).

The gold price can also drop

That's right, and that's why we recommend monthly savings. Because this is how you benefit what is known as the "cost-average effect". With the "cost-average effect", you buy gold shares at a fixed amount every month. For example, for £100. If the price of gold drops from £100 to 50 - you would have bought a whole 2 grams instead of 1 gram. This happens on a monthly basis. Especially in times when gold is cheap, you buy a lot more gold, which is then significantly more valuable if the value increases, or generates more income on sale.

Is the revenue equivalent to interest?

No, because the gold price is made up of supply and demand. This means that market participants buy and sell - here we speak of trade (in Arabic- Tijarah). Now, if more is bought than sold, the price goes up because there is not enough supply.

For instance: The farmer sells potatoes in the market. If there are more potatoes in demand than available, then he or she raises the price. If few market players buy potatoes, the farmer lowers the price to sell all of his or her goods.

What sets aurexo apart from other suppliers on the market?

Our processes and contracts are certified by renowned scholars of Islam. This ensures that you can safely invest in your future. We purchase your gold from the oldest mint in Germany. Only LBMA-certified and gold with Islamic motif is purchased. We attach particular importance to the fact that we strictly avoid buying conflict gold from crisis-stricken countries as well as purchasing from child labourers and human rights violators. In this way, we create a sustainable future with common values.


The offer is certainly worth it. What are the costs for the Gold Dinar Savings Plan?

The costs of the aurexo Gold Dinar Savings Plan are as follows:

The premium 

The costs of the aurexo Gold Dinar Savings Plan consist of what is known as the premium, which amounts to 5.95% of the agreed saving volume. These represent one-off costs and are billed monthly with a share of the savings amount in the ratio of 75:25. The duration of the cost amortisation period depends on the chosen savings amount and term. The costs are calculated as the product of the term, the 12 months of the year, the entire volume of savings, and the premium share. 

Alternatively, the premium can also be paid with a one-off payment. In this case we grant you a cost discount of 10%. 

Sample calculation based on the following savings plan: £100 monthly contribution for a period of 20 years

£100 x 20 years x 12 months x 0.0595 = £1,428.00 premium costs

If paid immediately: 1428 x 0.9 = £1,285.20 premium costs

The premium, like savings, is also due in the same amount for one-off investments (5.95%) and must be paid immediately after the purchase order. A cost amortisation with regard to rates is not possible here.

Storage fee

The monthly storage fee is £ 1.00 and is independent of your deposit value. This allows you to benefit from favourable deposit management with higher savings. 


Purchase and sales prices in the gold trade vary. What are the purchase prices at aurexo?

The trade surcharges and discounts are + 6.5% for purchases and - 1.5% for sales. The daily rates are always based on the morning GBP rate of the Gold Bullion Index.

What happens if I can no longer pay my savings temporarily (for example because of unemployment)?

With the aurexo Gold Dinar Savings Plan you can temporarily suspend your savings contribution if necessary. The contributions will not be collected during the suspension period. 

Are partial payments possible when I need money urgently?

With your aurexo Gold Dinar Savings Plan, you have the option of easily withdrawing or storing your gold at any time. When making a transfer, you can choose how many grams of gold assets to spend and credit to your account. The payment will be made within 7 working days.

How exactly does the purchase of gold work in the savings plan and what happens after the end of the contract?

The monthly storage fee is conveniently paid automatically by bank transfer on the 1st or 15th of every calendar month. Thereafter, we will purchase the gold shares for you, which will be stored in a high-security vault. At the end of the aurexo Gold Dinar Savings Plan, you will receive your saved gold in the form of 24 carat gold bars (LBMA-certified) or your balance will be credited to your bank account as a transfer credit.

Who do I contact if I have questions after the contract has been concluded?

Whether via the aurexo hotline, online support, chat or in person in one of our branches - you can easily and conveniently enquire about your savings deposit, your account or additional services.

Use our free service hotline or other numerous ways to get in contact with us:

For contract-related queries or technical queries:  

Service hotline: 0330 043 0047

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