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Low 947.58
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Important Details at a Glance

Minimum saving:£50 per month (or £1,000 one-off)
Minimum term:7 years
Withholding tax:none
Degree of gold fineness:999.9 / 1000
Premium:5.95 %
Storage fee:£1 monthly

Daily gold trading prices

  • Buy: £1,581.46 per Fine Ounce
  • Sell: £1,463.00 per Fine Ounce

More gold with the aurexo Gold Dinar Savings Plan

By buying gold collectively you benefit from attractive purchasing advantages. The following principle applies: The smaller the denomination, the higher the embossing costs. While paying for small denominations 20% and more in costs for embossing, packaging and certification, the costs of the aurexo Gold Dinar Savings Plan are fixed.

In comparison for smaller amounts such as £100 from other gold merchants, you can only buy small gold bars at enormously high mark ups.

However, through buying gold collectively with the aurexo Gold Dinar Savings Plan every customers receives approximately 23% more gold for £100 than compared to well-known online gold merchants. 

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